I dedicate this book to the younger me, the hurt and defenceless inner child, who dreamt in silence way too often for far too long; lost in darkness and confusion, falling apart, unknowing he was growing strong in the wreaked places of his heart; fighting demons and internal battles so one day he could become a vessel of light. Grateful I survived. Grateful I never gave up. Grateful I am alive and living life to the fullest. I am proud of myself. I love myself.

This book sums up my journey which I like to call “Learning to Fly”, from the primitive poems of a teenager, lost in turmoil of despair and pain, to a place of healing and maturing.

The intention is to make peace with my inner child and in acceptance of all that was, I created this as a manifesto of self-love. May this book inspire you to keep going on.

May this book help you to find beauty and enchantment in daily life. May this book bring you light and offer you guidance in the darkest times. May my pain show you that love is always an option, the only option really. May you know, that you’re never alone. There’s always somebody willing to help you.

This is how I suggest you read it: relax your shoulders, let them be soft and fall to their natural place; straighten your back and look forward; open your heart as it was a book, hold it in your hands and allow yourself to dive deep into your soul keep it open no matter what and let life gently flow through you; embrace whatever comes up and let it go.

Give me your hand, accompany me, let us embark in this journey together.